Ashley Hebert, 'The Bachelorette,' on New Fiance, 'He's Been My Rock'

Heber accepts Rosenbaum's proposal, plans New York City move, possible wedding.

ByABC News
August 2, 2011, 2:28 AM

Aug. 2, 2011— -- "The Bachelorette" finalist J.P. Rosenbaum gave audiences across the country the happy ending they had anxiously awaited when he got down on one knee and proposed to Ashley Hebert on the season finale of the hit TV show.

In front of a television audience of millions Monday night, Hebert, a 26-year-old dental student from Philadelphia, accepted Rosenbaum's marriage proposal.

"We complement each other so well," Hebert said today on "Good Morning America," in the couple's first, live television appearance together as an engaged couple. "He's exactly what I've been looking for."

The couple announced on "GMA" that Hebert will move to New York City to be with Rosenbaum, a construction manager, but have no plans to rush down the aisle.

"She's going to move to New York City, finish up school," Rosenbaum said. "We're going to find a place, she'll get a job, we'll get settled and then we're going to talk about a wedding."

"Maybe fall of next year, or end of next year, " he said.

While Rosenbaum delivered his proposal speech to Hebert months ago in Fiji, proclaiming to her, "You mean the world to me and I want to be with you forever," the duo were not able to publicly celebrate their engagement before the finale aired and television viewers got to see whom Hebert chose.

"It was kind of fun at first, to keep the secret," Hebert said on "GMA. "But then, towards the end, we were ready to kind of come out in the open."

Perhaps someone not ready for the couple to come out, however, was the man who was left standing in Fiji with an unclaimed engagement ring, 28-year-old winemaker Ben Flajnik, whose proposal Hebert rejected.

"She didn't have what we have with any other guy," Rosenbaum said of any worries he had that Hebert would choose Flajnik over him. "For the most part, I knew that she didn't have what we had with anyone else."

Throughout the seventh season of the series, which gives the opportunity for the runner-up on the reality dating series "The Bachelor" to be courted by 25 eligible single men, it seemed that Hebert was headed for heartache.

The season was filled with a healthy dose of drama, notably early in the season when Hebert struggled with insecurities after a roast gone wrong, and when she fell hard early on for contestant Bentley Williams.

The 28-year-old investment banker confessed to cameras that he'd been disappointed when he discovered that Hebert was this season's bachelorette -- rather than former "The Bachelor" contestant Emily Maynard.

"Don't, don't," Hebert said today on "GMA," refusing to even bring up the name of the man who caused so much drama throughout the weeks-long process that saw her travel the world to narrow down her pool of 25 men.

"Look at him, he's very charming," she said, instead choosing to focus on her fiance. "He's been my rock and I think that everything that happened on the season really brought us closer and we have a great foundation."

But it was only after Bentley's departure in the third episode of the season, that Rosenbaum and Hebert seemed to bond on their first solo date. Hebert said at one point, "J.P. over Bentley in the kiss department."

When Williams flew to Hong Kong and let Ashley down again, many of the show's contestants were angry that Hebert still had feelings for him. One contestant, even decided to leave the show at that point, but not Rosenbaum, whose commitment eventually paid off.