'Avengers: Age of Ultron': Top 7 Moments

Spoiler alert! The movie opened in theaters this weekend.

— -- Spoiler Alert!

Last chance, you've been warned.

Above all, "Age of Ultron" is about the action. There are epic battles -- some against the bad guys and some even amongst the team itself.

Here are the top 7 moments -- mostly fights -- from the movie:

1 - Hulk Against Iron Man

We got a taste of this in the trailer, but there's so much more in the film. The fight rages on and on and you never know who is going to come out on top. The battle starts when Scarlet Witch gets into Bruce Banner's head and he gets all rage monster on an innocent city and its civilians. Iron Man steps in with his Hulk-busting armor named Veronica, which Banner helped him make, and the two go toe-to-toe.

Once again, Downey shows us why he's one of the most bankable actors in Hollywood with hilarious one-liners during the fight only he could deliver with such brilliance.

"Go to sleep" and "I'm sorry" don't sound all that funny in print, but wait until you see them delivered on the screen.

2 - Scarlet Witch against The Entire Avengers

Man, oh man, does the witch pick apart the team at the beginning of the movie -- and she doesn't even use force.

3 - Captain America against Ultron

But Cap really shows his muscle against Ultron in the middle of the film. Even after Hawkeye warns him that he's "no match" against the evil robot, he knows what he has to do, which is engage him to possibly save the world. The battle lasts a loooong time and, unlike his tussle against Loki in the first "Avengers" film, he really holds his own. He even got in a few shots that put the robot on his heels. Ultron even seems impressed.

4 - Thor and Vision against Ultron

During an epic battle scene, Ultron picks out Thor and tries to take him out of the equation, but ends up feeling the wrath of Vision and Thor, who team up to beat up on the villain. The scene is great and this unlikely pairing has chemistry as good as any of the other superhero duos.

5 - The New Avengers against Ultron and His Bots

After picking up a few new team members along the way, the Avengers are pitted against Ultron and his legion of robots that he creates and controls.

"This is what I wanted, all of me against all of you," Ultron says.

The scene has a very similar feel to the battle of New York in the first film, but with new faces and even more action.

6 - An Unlikely Romance

There's a romance between two Avengers that is beyond crazy bonkers and could never have been imagined. And the way this relationship possibly ends -- or is to be continued -- could affect the team in future movies. Enough said!

7 - Stunning Ending

Last, but certainly not least, there was one rumor about the ending floating around that is dead on. This movie ends like no other Marvel film and will leave you stunned!

Also, the team could be very different in the future, so enjoy this collection of superheroes while you can ...