Six Starlets Who Left Their Hubbies for Other Men

So we know that Avril Lavigne is calling it quits with hubby Deryck Whibley. I mean, what do you expect when you get married before you've really had a chance to sleaze it up, Hollywood-style?

We know about the cheating and the disagreement over babies ... blah, blah, blah. But was the real reason for the breakup oil heir Brandon Davis? The rumor is that their friendship may have been more than just a friendship. In Touch Magazine reports that the two are in luuurrrvvvv. How do we know? A "friend" told them. Cough cough ... rebound a little? [Celeb****y]

Below, other famous ladies who traded in their hubbies for another man.

LeAnn Rimes finally announced that she's divorcing husband Dean Sheremet, and has started being seen in public with Eddie Cibrian. Hey, nothing can make you realize that you are no longer in love with your back-up-dancer husband than a Lifetime romance movie. My crystal ball predicts this couple will last for about one hot Hollywood minute. [Stupid Celebrities]

Kate Hudson was all hooked up with the actress/rock star fairytale, until she left hubby Chris Robinson for funnyman Owen Wilson. I guess actors aren't her thing either. She's moved on to baseball playa, Alex Rodriguez. [Gossip Rocks]

Madonna leaves Guy Ritchie starts dating baseball star Alex Rodriguez. Alex Rodriguez leaves wife. Then it all ends. See above. [Aces Showbiz]

When cougar Linda Hogan dumped her husband the Hulk, forced him out of his $18-million mansion, allegedly started spending his money at the rate of $40,000 a month, and dating 19-year old Charley Hill, you can bet the Hulk was ready to get in the ring with her. In fact he even said he could relate to OJ Simpson. Scary. [Zimbio]

Anne Heche can't seem to make up her mind. First she left Ellen DeGeneres for husband Coley Laffoon. Then she left him for "Men In Trees" co-star James Tupper. Anyone else confused about her love life? Also, does anyone actually watch "Men In Trees?" [Aces Showbiz]