'The Bachelor' 2015 Finale Recap: Chris Soules Is Engaged to Whitney Bischoff

Get all the details of the proposal and what happened next.

Chris, 33, told Whitney he loved her, and added, "Everything about this moment feels right." He then dropped down to one knee and asked her to marry him. Her response: "Absolutely."

Chris put a ring on it and presented Whitney with the final rose of the season. The finale concluded with the newly-engaged couple kissing in a hayloft.

On the one-hour “After the Final Rose” special, Whitney described herself as "the happiest girl in the entire world." She said she's just excited to be "normal" with Chris and not have to hide their engagement. There does not appear to be any wedding plans as of yet.

Interesting tidbit: Whitney said she did not watch “The Bachelor” season, aside from footage of her dates with Chris.

By comparison, Becca felt overwhelmed by the situation and admitted to Chris' family that she wouldn't relocate for him unless she was absolutely sure their romance would work. She also conceded she was not ready to say yes to a proposal.

Becca's uncertainty spilled over into her final date with Chris. She told Chris she couldn't make any promises about their future.

The tone was much different during Chris' final date with Whitney, spent on the farm and in his house. Whitney declared that she was confident of her feelings for him.

As she departed in a limo, Becca said she was in a "state of shock." She continued, "I could've seen him being someone I could be with and I could marry. I just wasn't there yet."

Becca explained on “After the Final Rose” that she was confused by her relationship with Chris because she'd never been in love and had no other experiences to compare it to.

Kimmel made fun of Chris' final decision, joking to him, "Bottom line is, Becca wasn't into you."

Ashley S., the contestant who mistook a pomegranate for an onion, returned, too. Last week, Harrison extended an invitation to Ashley S. on the “Women Tell All” special to appear on “Bachelor in Paradise.” She didn't give an answer at the time, so Harrison asked her again on Monday night. She cryptically stated, "I suppose I might be there."