'Bachelor 2015: The Women Tell All' Best Moments

Britt fought with Carly, Kelsey fought with, well, everyone, and more.

ByABC News
March 3, 2015, 11:02 AM

— -- In every reality show, the contestants love to remind each other that they're not there to make friends.

That point was driven home repeatedly on "The Bachelor: Women Tell All."

On the penultimate "Bachelor" episode, the female contestants who had already been eliminated faced off against the season's star, Chris Soules, and of course, each other.

On Monday night, most of the episode was focused on Britt and Kelsey, and there were plenty of explosive moments.

Among the best? See below.

1. Britt v. Carly: The show started off with a bang, as Britt confronted Carly for bashing her to Chris. "Why did you pretend to be my friend the whole time?" Britt demanded, before breaking down in tears and reminding her former housemate of a bonding session they had the night before she took herself out of competition. "I said, 'I think I have to go home because I don't know what's going on [with Chris] and you were like, 'I think if God tells you you should, you should. I think I should stay." Carly pointed out that she "called out" Britt several times and listed off a few times she thought Britt was being fake, but assured her, "I don't wish you ill will at all." Britt scoffed. "Can I just say one thing where you don't interrupt because you pretty much narrated my entire love story for the past three weeks. Can I just talk?" she snapped, after accusing Carly of ruining her relationship with Chris. "Carly, I don't think you're a bad person, but... the hate from you was born out of pain... I think it was easier to demonize me than it was to figure that out."

2. Gillian v. Carly: Gillian was Team Britt all the way. "No one really knew you and I'll never forget... you just bashing me in front of Chris, trying to embarrass me in front of him," she raged at Carly. "That was so insecure of you! [And] when I saw you attack Britt... I saw your insecurity and jealousy shine through... [and] it was just disgusting."

3. Ashley I. v. Britt: After dealing with Carly, Britt turned her attention to Ashley I., who also accused her of being fake on the show. The lowest blow, Britt said, was when Ashley I. said that Britt didn't want to be a mother. They agreed it was a miscommunication. "We felt like, 'Oh, maybe she doesn't think that Chris is that person if she's not feeling it at this point," Ashley I. offered. "That's a giant leap, Ashley," Britt responded. "I love you, but that's a huge leap."

4. Kelsey v. All the Women: Arguably the least popular woman in the house, Kelsey began by telling Chris Harrison that she felt "betrayed" by the way she was treated in the house. Having recently lost her husband, watching the season caused to feel like she was "grieving all over again." "It just kind of brought me back to the shock and the despair," she said as the women rolled their eyes. "I wish I could be accepted warts and all."

5. Kelsey v. Ashley I: The contempt that these two felt for each other was palpable during the two-on-one date that they shared in the Badlands, after which both were eliminated. Kelsey admitted to saying unkind things about her nemesis. "That was raw anger and I did not want to confront you with the anger that I was feeling but I also wanted to be honest and advocate for myself," she offered. "If I did or said something that was offensive, and that hurt you, I just want you to know that I’m sorry." Ashley I. was unmoved: "I mean it’s hard to accept an apology after you see somebody say such mean things about you." She also refused to apologize for suggesting that Kelsey made up her story about being a widow. "It was very bizarre every time you brought the story you never showed emotion," she said. "It was really unbelievable."

6. Juelia v. Kesley: Immediately after Harrison asked if any of the women had anything to say to Kelsey, Jueulia, also a widow, piped up immediately. "She is one of the most calculated people... I have ever met. I mean, I really, literally never met somebody so fake in my entire life," she said. "I have to say, as someone who’s been through something also very tragic, I would have never used something that happened to me to say that I deserve love more than anybody else here. I wouldn’t be condescending. I wouldn't be rude, there’s a reason you’re not friends with these people."

7. Megan v. Kelsey: Having also lost her father suddenly, Megan was shocked by how Kelsey presented her "amazing story." "If you're still grieving, I don't know why you put yourself on the show," she said. She also took issue with Kelsey's panic attack, calling it "a tool to get the rose."

8. Trina v. Kelsey: Trina backed up Megan, and said she was also appalled with the way Kelsey spoke about her late husband: "For you to say you have a great story -- you don't say that when you lose someone!"

9. Samantha v. Kelsey: Samantha's issue with Kelsey was personal: The night that Kelsey had her much-discussed panic attack, she was eliminated. "I truly felt when I left that night, it was because of you and your drama," she said. "He lost out on getting to know a really good girl and I lost out on getting to know a really good guy as well." "Sammy, you should know that I felt like that was my fault that the cocktail party was canceled," Kelsey agreed. "I was a wreck."

10. Jade v. Chris: Jade was eliminated shortly after she told Chris that she'd previously posed for Playboy, and was shocked to read that he was "disturbed" to learn about her wilder side. "After the episode aired I read your People blog and what you said really hurt me," she told him. "You said that the person that you knew and the person my family described were two different people and that was 'disturbing' and I just want to know what you mean by that." Chris corrected himself: "I think more 'caught off-guard' was a better way to put it," he said. He also apologized for saying that looking at the photos was "awkward." However, "That's truly how it initially felt," he added. "I would think you felt a little bit awkward as well!" That broke the ice: She smiled.

11. Kaitlyn v. Chris: Kaitlyn mostly wanted to know why Chris made her stand through a rose ceremony in the last episode if he knew he was going to send her home. He still doesn't have an answer. "Going to that rose ceremony I was still wavering on what my decisions were going to be and I apologize. I could have handled it differently and in hindsight that would’ve been the right thing to do," he admitted. "I made mistakes, don’t get be wrong, and that may be one of them but in that moment I did the best I could and that’s all I know."

12. Britt v. Chris Originally the front runner, Britt and Chris left things on a "sour note," as she called it, after Carly told him that she was a liar. "I don't think it's bad that you believed her. She duped me too," she told him. "I'm just really proud of you and I respect you. I never lied to you." Chris thanked her for her candor, but explained that Carly's words had nothing to do with why he would have asked her to leave the show had she not recused herself. "My decision was based on our journey together and our relationship," he said.