'Bachelor' Contestant Clare: 'I Take Pride' in What I Do in Tonight's Episode

Last week, Juan Pablo made her cry by saying he regretted their sexy ocean dip.

ByABC News
February 10, 2014, 1:19 PM
Clare, a contestant on the 2014 season of The Bachelor.
Clare, a contestant on the 2014 season of The Bachelor.
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Feb. 10, 2014 -- When "Bachelor" contestant Clare Crawley invited bachelor Juan Pablo to swim with her in the ocean during a trip to Vietnam, he said he was game. However, at the rose ceremony soon after, he told her he regretted the whole thing.

"Maybe at that time he didn't know exactly what he was feeling and he just felt bad about it," Crawley told reporters last week. "But again, we swam in his pool in his room, and to me, that was more questionable than swimming in the ocean! That was my struggle."

This week, Clare, who insisted that the two did not have sex during their steamy swim, will be stronger, she said.

"I think I wish in the moment and even now that I would have been a little bit more verbal," she said. "And you'll see in the future episode – the next episode – that I stand up for myself. And I take pride in that."

Crawley said that when Juan Pablo first confronted her about their swim, she was too stunned and hurt to respond the way she wanted to. However, with time, she was able to bounce back, she said.

"I think I chalked it up at the time to a) I wanted to stand up for myself because I still felt and believed – to this day – I did nothing wrong; we did nothing wrong," she explained. "I needed to get answers as well. ...[and if] I didn't get the answers that I wanted, I was more than willing to cut my losses."