'The Bachelor': Meet the 30 Women Competing on Nick Viall's Season

Nick Viall's season premieres Jan. 2.

ByABC News
December 7, 2016, 3:29 PM

— -- Nick Viall will have 30 women competing for his heart on the next season of "The Bachelor."

ABC released brief bios on each contestant, with the women revealing their ages, hometowns and a few fun facts about themselves.

Spoiler alert: This year's crop includes several "Scandal" fans, at least five who love dolphins and a few not-so-secret Beliebers.

"The Bachelor" premieres Jan. 2 on ABC. Here's a sneak peek at the contestants.

Alexis: This 23-year-old aspiring dolphin trainer has two tattoos, a love of fake eyelashes and whitening strips, and is most afraid of the alien from "E.T."

Angela: A model from South Carolina, Angela hopes that in five years, she'll be married with one child. She doesn't appreciate immaturity in a date and listed her guilty pleasure as licking popcorn bags. "I'm a weirdo," she wrote. "My brother and I used to do it all the time when we were little. So unhealthy. LOL."

Astrid: Astrid, a plastic surgery office manager in Tampa, Florida, hates working and is most afraid of "dying alone and just getting old and wrinkly." When asked which fictional character she'd most like to be, she responded, "the Little Mermaid before legs. I would love to explore the ocean."

Briana: Like Astrid, Briana, a 28-year-old surgical nurse from Salt Lake City, would also want to be Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" because she has "great hair, cool animal friends and she marries a cutie."

Brittany: This Beyonce fan values her nursing career and hopes to be married with a child in five years. When asked how she would impress a date, she said she'd cook him dinner. "Food is the way to a man's heart," she explained.

Christen: A wedding videographer from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Christen has a tattoo of the life of Jesus in symbols on her wrist and has a deep curiosity about politics. When asked what she would do if she could break a law with no repercussions, she said she'd break into the White House. "I would ... spend months sleeping in a storage closet and observing what actually goes on behind closed doors," she wrote.

Corinne: Corinne is 24, runs her own online business, loves "Frasier" and thinks Chicago is the most romantic U.S. city. "It has a lot of fun activities you would want to share with someone special," she wrote.

Danielle L.: Based on Danielle L.'s preferences (her favorite movies include "The Notebook" and "A Walk to Remember" and her favorit ebook is "The Five Love Languages"), she's a romantic. She listed Chrissy Teigen as the person she most admires in the world because "she's gorgeous, strong willed and unapologetically herself. She and John Legend are couple goals!"

Danielle M.: A neonatal nurse in Nashville, this 31-year-old is having two of her three tattoos removed but seemingly leaving one on her left ring finger that reads "strength." She has endured heartbreak: When asked why she left her hometown, she responded, "I lost my fiancé, and I needed to start fresh somewhere."

Dominique: Dominique loves Olivia Pope, apocalyptic films and values her dog, her family, music, sunshine and Chipotle. Her dream lunch would include, she said, "my grandfather, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jesus — and we'd be eating burritos from Chipotle."

Liz: A doula from Las Vegas, Liz hates golf ("It's boring and angers me"), loves Justin Bieber and hopes she never has to kill someone.

Elizabeth: Sick of dating apps, Elizabeth prefers to meet dates "through mutual friends of in front of millions of weekly viewers." A fan of Duchess Kate and Britney Spears, she hopes that her kids can go to her high school.

Hailey: Hailey is a Canadian photographer who has traveled to China to build schools and teach in orphanages. She hates butterflies, PDA and believes that only children are "strange."

Ida Marie: Ida Marie wasn't able to name a favorite book or author but is a big fan of comedic films, including "Clueless" and "Step Brothers." She said that if she could be any fruit or vegetable, she'd be a strawberry because "they are sexual and taste great with wine."

Jaimi: A 28-year-old chef in New Orleans, Jaimi is a self-described "pesco-pollo-lacto-ovo-paro-tarian," or, as she translated, someone who just eats "fish + bird, plus byproducts." She's very strong: When asked what she'd do to impress a man, she responded, "Depending on how much bigger he is than me, I could bench-press him with my legs. It's pretty exciting and surprising."

Jasmine B.: Jasmine has been engaged before but ended the relationship because she was "too young and he ended up proving he doesn't deserve my greatness." Now a flight attendant in Tacoma, Washington, she loves Steve Harvey and cracking her neck and would be an owl if she could be any animal. "They are so unique," she wrote. "They are the quietest and have superior eyes, wings and ears. I want to see and hear everything, even in the dark."

Jasmine G.: A pro basketball dancer in San Francisco, Jasmine G. dreams of being the female Guy Fieri. Her first order of business if she won the lottery would be to buy socks. "I can never find them!" she wrote. "Then [I would] buy out a sports team."

Josephine: This 24-year-old is an unemployed nurse in Santa Cruz, California, is a musical theater fan who most admires her brother. "He has been my greatest inspiration, best friend and biggest motivator in life," she wrote.

Kristina: Kristina, a Lexington, Kentucky, native, is a dental hygienist who would most like to meet her biological mother and ask "if choosing alcohol over kids was worth it." She most admires her parents. "It takes courage to open your heart and home to four orphans and give them a life otherwise unobtainable," she wrote.

Lacey: A 25-year-old digital marketing manager whose hometown is Manhattan, Lacey's dream lunch would entail having burgers and fries with Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling and Joe Jonas. Her greatest achievements so far? "Graduating with a double degree and learning Arabic."

Lauren: A nature lover from Naples, Florida, this law school graduate sees a husband, children and "lots of pets" in her immediate future.

Michelle: Michelle is a 24, owns a food truck in L.A. and speaks Portuguese. A fan of "Sex and the City," she also listed kayaking as one of her favorite hobbies.

Olivia: An apparel sales representative from Nashville, Tennessee, Olivia is a self-described "hopeless romantic" and was the kicker for her high school's football team. Her longest relationship lasted four years but ended because of his prescription drug addiction.

Rachel: A lawyer from Dallas, this 31-year-old admires Michelle Obama and Jean-Michel Basquiat, is afraid of birds and worries "that I've missed out on my chance at finding love."

Raven: Raven owns a fashion boutique, listed Brittany Murphy as her favorite actress and though she wrote that she's not afraid of aging, she's not against plastic surgery. "I'll use cosmetic procedures to my advantage, but tastefully done," she wrote.

Sarah: This grade school teacher, 26, is socially progressive but economically conservative, loves white roses and likes to gamble. The most romantic gift she has ever received was a star.

Susannah: Susannah is from San Diego, has four tattoos and loves shoes. She is a fan of Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" ("She has amazing hair and a seashell bra," Susannah wrote) and Chrissy Teigen.

Taylor: A mental health counselor from Seattle, Taylor has a three-step plan for impressing a man: "1) Be myself 2) Be open and authentic 3) Look bomb."

Vanessa: This Canadian special education teacher speaks French and Italian and once received a promise ring. Her biggest fear is "hurting people's feelings."

Whitney: A 25-year-old Pilates instructor from Chanhassen, Minnesota, she loves pancakes, french fries and admires Gisele Bündchen because "she has the reputation of being a really successful model and married to Tom Brady!"

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