Bachelor Nick Viall: I Was 'More Aware' of Drama Than Some Women Realized

PHOTO: Nick Viall appeared on "Good Morning America," Feb. 7, 2017.PlayABC News
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This isn't Nick Viall's first rodeo.

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He's been a finalist on two seasons of "The Bachelorette" and had a fling on "Bachelor in Paradise." So, as the star of this season of "The Bachelor," Viall said he knows "quite a bit" about what's been going on between the women competing for his heart.

"I was probably more aware of things than some of the women realized," he told ABC News of the recent drama in the house.

"But, you don't know everything," he continued. "You don't know every conversation that's being talked about, I don't get to hear the women's interviews that they're giving. But I always had a pretty good idea of what was going on."

Viall spoke to ABC News Tuesday morning to set some "Bachelor" rumors straight -- from his "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" appearance with his famous "Bachelorette" exes, to last night's shocking episode in which he sent three women home in the middle of their dates in St. Thomas.

Viall, who was the runner-up in both Andi Dorfman's and Kaitlyn Bristowe's seasons of "The Bachelorette," reunited with both exes on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" when his "Bachelor" season began airing in January. But he admitted that he doesn't talk to either of them often.

"Andi and I will text now and then ... we're friendly," he said, adding that Dorfman wished him luck for his season. "I don't really have any communication with Kaitlyn."

As his own "Bachelor" season began, one woman especially stood out to viewers: Corinne.

"I'm not surprised that people are talking a lot about Corinne," Viall said. "She's got a big personality and she's certainly willing to show that, and she doesn't edit herself."

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Corinne's "big personality" has led to some tension between the ladies this season, but Viall said he's not concerned. "I wasn't really there to solicit the opinions of everyone else," he said. "You have to make your own decision, especially when it comes to your relationships. While I respected all their opinions, it really was up to me to decide which relationship was right for me."

In last night's episode, Viall decided several relationships weren't right for him: First, he said goodbye to Jasmine on the group date, then there was the shocking double elimination on the two-on-one date -- first for Whitney on the beach, then Danielle L. at dinner.

Viall said the episodes he's seen haven't shown the "lovely" moments he had with Whitney. But, he added, they lacked the "emotional connection" he was looking for. "I think it's always important when you know you know, not to drag things out," he said of his decision to send her home.

Then came dinner and another elimination with Danielle. L. "When she was expressing how she felt, unfortunately I didn't reciprocate those feelings," he said. "I think in that moment I had the clarity I needed, especially after hearing how she felt about me, that unfortunately I didn't feel the same way." He said he felt the right thing to do was, again, to say goodbye.

After Viall sent Danielle L. home, his emotional day wasn't over. Last night's shocking episode concluded with Viall's spontaneous and tearful visit to the remaining women's St. Thomas hotel suite.

"I didn't really go in there with an agenda," Viall said. "In that moment ... I wanted to make sure the women understood where I was coming from, I thought it was just best that I be up front with them.

"It was just me expressing how I felt," he continued. "It's a very different environment because the Bachelor is dating multiple people, but I think in any relationship it's always important to let that person know where you stand. Communication is key."

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