Bachelor Nick Viall dishes on the remaining contestants

There are six women who remain on the show.

ByABC News
February 13, 2017, 4:16 AM

— -- Six women remain on "The Bachelor," each hoping to win a proposal from Nick Viall in the finale.

But who has the best shot at an engagement ring?

ABC News asked Viall to describe each contestant with the first word that came to mind, to better understand how he feels about each, as seen in the video above.

In general, "I'm very attracted to confident, intelligent and sexy women who just act like they belong in a room, so to speak," he told ABC News.

One woman in particular, Corinne, seemed to rile up her fellow castmates (and viewers) more than anybody else on the show. However, Viall is quick to defend her.

"Everyone knows that I was once called a villain. I didn't necessarily agree with that label but I think sometimes Bachelor Nation can unfairly judge people. They sometimes see things in black and white," he said. "If you really feel something and you want to go for it, you should be able to go for it. I like confident women. I like interesting women. I like women who can take a chance and be comfortable with themselves and be vulnerable."

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