'Bachelor in Paradise': Ashley I. Leaves, Returns and Cries

"I'm watching my biggest nightmare," she said.

ByABC News
August 23, 2016, 9:42 AM
Ashley Iaconetti is seen here in an episode of "Bachelor in Paradise."
Ashley Iaconetti is seen here in an episode of "Bachelor in Paradise."

— -- No matter how hard she tries, Ashley Iaconetti just can't convince Jared Haibon to fall in love with her.

She continued to pine over Jared on Monday night's episode of "Bachelor in Paradise," sobbing to him, "Nothing makes me happier than being with you."

Jared, who's involved on the show with Caila Quinn, could not have been more honest in his response. "I do care about you, but not romantically," he said.

The message still didn't get through to Ashley, not even when Jared gave his rose to Caila instead of her.

Ashley didn't get a rose from one of the other men, either, resulting in her elimination. However, she refused to go quietly into the night. As she was taken away by car, she asked the driver to stop. She headed back to paradise, hoping for another shot at love.

"I'm asking you guys right now if you'll let me come back and have a second chance with actually an open mind," she said.

The majority of the cast said yes, including Jared, though Caila felt a little uncomfortable with the whole situation.

Ashley didn't keep an open mind at all -- she was still plotting to win over Jared. She was encouraged when new arrival Brett Melnick -- who, you may recall, brought a lamp with him when he was introduced on Andi Dorfman's "Bachelorette" season -- invited Caila on a date. Caila couldn't make up her mind, changing her answer several times before finally agreeing to go out with Brett.

Ashley believed -- incorrectly, as it turned out -- that Caila was losing interest in Jared. But Caila realized she'd made a mistake while on a booze cruise with Brett, his former "Bachelorette" co-star Carl King -- who'd also just been added to Paradise -- and Carl's date, Emily Ferguson.

When Caila returned from the date and resumed her romance with Jared, Ashley was heartbroken. "I'm watching my biggest nightmare: Jared falling for somebody else," she said, shedding more tears.

Ashley wasn't the only person who was looking for love in the wrong places. Sarah Herron had some nice moments with Daniel Maguire earlier in the season, and on Monday night's episode she gave him a half-birthday cake. But he gave a rose to Emily's twin, Haley, instead of Sarah, and Sarah was forced to go home.

Haley was later invited on a date by Ryan Beckett, who came to Mexico after previously appearing on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of "The Bachelorette."

After his visit to the hospital, Evan Bass was on cloud nine after Carly Waddell said she was sorry about being unsure about their relationship, and then committed to him with a make-out session. All it took, Evan admitted, was faking an injury.

Meanwhile, Grant Kemp turned up the heat in his romance with Lace Morris by telling her he loves her.

Things aren't look up for Vinny Ventiera, though. He was hurting when Isabel “Izzy” Goodkind told him she didn't feel 100 percent committed to him, simply because she'd found Brett to be attractive. Vinny hinted that a breakup might be forthcoming. When the episode ended, he asked Izzy if they could talk.

"Bachelor in Paradise" continues Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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