'The Bachelor' Recap: Ben and the Bachelorettes Go to Vegas

Find out who was sent home.

The first date card was for JoJo. She and Ben kissed before they were whisked away in a helicopter -- to the disgust of the other bachelorettes, who were watching from afar. From the skies, Ben and JoJo took a tour of the Las Vegas Strip.

JoJo revealed to Ben the insecurities she has as a result of a past relationship. Ben appreciated that she opened up to him and gave her a rose. Their date ended with sparks -- literally -- as they were treated to a fireworks display.

For the group date, Ben and 12 bachelorettes met ventriloquist and impressionist Terry Fator. He asked the women to serve as his opening act for a show by performing a special talent. Olivia tried to stand out by popping out of a faux cake in a Vegas showgirl outfit and prancing around the stage. She was mocked by Fator's puppet and some of the other bachelorettes.

After the talent competition, Olivia broke down in tears, saying that she was having a panic attack. She was upset that her performance didn't go as well as she'd hoped.

Later, Ben tried to reassure Olivia that it wasn't too bad, but she was worried that she was blowing her relationship with him. She continued to dwell on it and ran back to him to set things right. She felt relieved once they kissed, and then became upset again when Ben awarded the group date rose to Lauren B.

Becca, a chiropractic assistant who appeared on Chris Soules' season of "The Bachelor" last year, had her first one-on-one date with Ben. Together, they presided over wedding ceremonies at a chapel. Afterward, they visited a neon sign museum and discussed her belief system -- specifically, the fact that she's a virgin. The date ended with Becca getting a rose.

Ben requested one more date before the rose ceremony, asking to spend the day with twins and Vegas natives Emily and Haley. It turned out to be a hometown date, with Ben picking the brain of the twins' mom. After that conversation, Ben decided to let go of Haley -- in front of her mother.

At the cocktail party, Olivia continued to be apologetic for her performance at the talent show, telling Ben, "Olivia is here for you. I'm not going anywhere."

Olivia was presented with the last rose. Rachel and Amber, the latter of whom also appeared on the 2015 Bachelor season, were eliminated.

Next week, Chris and the 11 remaining bachelorettes head to Mexico.