'The Bachelor' Star Caila Quinn Reacts to Hearing That Ben Higgins Said 'I Love You' Twice

The reality star opens up about her split with Ben Higgins and what's next.

He also said goodbye to Caila Quinn, and told her how he felt about the two other women.

Quinn told ABC News that while it was rough hearing about his other relationships, she doesn't regret jumping out of the car to further their conversation.

"I distinctly remember being put in the car the first time and crying to myself, saying, 'That cannot be the end. I refuse for that to be the way I say goodbye to him,' because it felt very cold," she explained. "So I got back out of the car and I said to him, 'What happened?' or 'When did you know that this wasn't it?' and I think I needed to hear that from him and just have that genuine moment, and that last hug felt like enough for me, so it was good."

"I came home and I told my parents that he broke up with me and nobody understood how hard it was," she said. Now that that they've seen the episode, "they finally do. Him telling me that he was in love with two women was like, 'Ugh. Gosh. Really?!' but I did appreciate him being honest with me, and it did help me heal."

"I did fall in love before so I know it would work," she said. "But I definitely kind of still need more time so I don't know if that timeline would work out."