'The Bachelorette' JoJo Fletcher Dishes On This Season's Group of Guys

The reality TV star opens up about who has the best chance of winning her heart.

ByABC News
May 23, 2016, 8:29 PM

— -- On tonight's premiere episode of "The Bachelorette," JoJo Fletcher will meet 26 guys all hoping to win her heart.

However, she gave ABC News a little insight into who might have an easier time winning over her affections.

Spoiler: Tall, dark-haired guys who are outgoing and athletic may have a leg up.

"When I think of a husband I think of someone who’s genuine and honest but someone who’s also funny and can make me laugh and who's my best friend," she said. "Ultimately, [I want to be with] somebody who's going to love me the way that I love them."

Fletcher, 25, left "The Bachelor" heartbroken last season after Ben Higgins told her that while he loved her, his feelings for Lauren Bushnell were stronger. Though she readily admits that the situation was a painful one, she emerged stronger and more focused.

"I was really guarded on Ben's season. I was scared and I had all these doubts and these fears of getting my heart broken that I think it made me get in my own head a little bit so I learned not to do that as much," she explained. "I became so much more confident and independent and I walked away from that not needing a relationship."

Of course, she'd like one. While she stayed tight-lipped about what happened this season and which men she liked best, she did say that she kept an open mind throughout production.

"I really tried to not to get stuck on that first impression because there are some guys who are just naturally charming and outgoing and they do a good job of kind of sweeping you off your feet," she said. "I did my best not to get caught up in that and really gave everyone a chance. And a few of these guys really surprised me!"

For more about what JoJo is looking for, watch the video above.