Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay and her fiance share the story of her engagement ring

Get all the details of the 3-carat Neil Lane sparkler.

The newly engaged couple said in a conference call with journalists on Tuesday that they discussed the design of the ring prior to the proposal.

According to Lindsay, she told him what she wanted and he "added his own little flair" to the design, which featured a pear-shaped diamond set within a diamond halo, accented by 80 full-cut brilliant diamonds.

"In our second encounter at the mansion I told Rachel that she's so easy to talk to, every single guy in that house would walk away from a conversation with her thinking they were getting a rose because it went so great, and I just think that's a tribute to Rachel's genuineness and the fact that everybody gets along with her. America loves her -- it's like she really has this halo on top of her head," he said. "One of our songs is actually 'Halo' by Beyoncé, and that's what I told her on that second encounter, and with the halo going around the ring with the diamonds, that sealed the deal for me."

Lindsay, 32, and Abasolo, 37, had a passionate connection from the first episode, though some viewers questioned his sincerity throughout the process. However, Lindsay defended him during the interview as "the most sincere and genuine man," and Abasolo shrugged off the criticism.

"I can't help what others think about me," he said. "I'm not into playing games. I know what I want, and I told her exactly why I was there."

Despite the romantic proposal, the two aren't rushing into wedding planning. First, they'll travel to Texas to reunite with Lindsay's family and then they'll fly to Miami to celebrate with Abasolo's clan. However, in late 2018 or early 2019, the two expect to walk down the aisle -- and then start a family.

"This is our one argument: she wants four [children] ... and I want three," Abasolo said with a laugh. "She'll probably win in the end!"