'The Bachelorette' Recap: The Men Tell All

PHOTO: Andi Dorfman, former Bachelor contestant, was named the new Bachelorette.PlayABC
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The eliminated contestants on the current season of "The Bachelorette" reunited Monday night for the traditional "Men Tell All" special on ABC.

Of course, the two men who still remain in the competition heading into next week's finale -- Nick Viall and Josh Murray -- were not present.

The "Bachelorette," Andi Dorfman, was also interviewed, but she didn't discuss either finalist.

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During her relatively brief appearance, Andi addressed the bachelors she sent home during the previous two episodes: Chris Soules and Marcus Grodd.

She told Chris, who was dismissed last week, that while the hometown visit to his farm in Iowa was her favorite, she just didn't feel there was a foundation in their romance that would even lead her to consider living a rural life with him.

As for Marcus, she appreciated his honesty, but said she wasn't on the same page as he was. Don't feel too badly for Marcus, though -- he's one of the stars of "Bachelor in Paradise," the new spin-off that premieres in two weeks.

Andi spent several minutes learning some of the results of the lie detector test that was administered to several guys on a group date in Italy. She also denied rumors that she's pregnant.

In the most bizarre moment of "The Men Tell All," a female audience member from Canada named Petra interrupted host Chris Harrison's interview with Chris the farmer, hoping to ask a question. She joined Chris Soules on the couch and asked him if he thinks he'll ever find love in Iowa, then admitted she'd like to date him. They chatted a little, though it remains to be seen whether Soules will actually make Petra's dream come true.

Before Andi emerged from backstage, there was a somewhat-heated exchange regarding JJ's claim from earlier in the season that Andrew used an offensive term to describe the African-American contestants on the show. Andrew denied he'd use the term, and said the claim had affected his personal life.

Marquel, who is African-American, said it was hurtful to him that he didn't know whether the allegation was true, though he said he took JJ at his word. Interestingly, no mention was made of Eric Hill, the contestant who died in a paragliding accident following his elimination.

The special ended rather cryptically, with Harrison delivering a letter from one of the finalists to Andi in her dressing room. Andi stared at the note, but it's unclear -- for now -- whether she read it.

"The Men Tell All" began with an appearance by former "Bachelorette" star Ashley Hebert and her husband, J.P. Rosenbaum, who are expecting a child in October. A sonogram performed on the show revealed they're having a boy.

Next Monday night, "The Bachelorette" season concludes with Andi potentially deciding between Nick and Josh in the Dominican Republic.