'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice': All About Rumored Villain Doomsday

Yes, this is the same guy who killed Superman in the comics.

— -- If you grew up in the 1990s and were a comics fan, this is truly the golden age of movies.

Bane and Doomsday really were at the center of a 1990s zeitgeist, in which comic fans saw their favorite superheroes finally fall. Doomsday eventually killed Superman in an epic battle that destroyed Metropolis and Lois Lane's heart. Likewise, Bane broke Batman and Azrael (think the anti-hero Batman) eventually took over for the caped crusader. Both heroes would eventually returned to the chagrin of comic purists around the globe.

Over the weekend, the podcast "Shanlian on Batman" reported through guest Umberto Gonzalez that Doomsday would be one of Superman's major foes in the highly-anticipated 2016 blockbuster.

Here's what you need to know about Doomsday and "The Death of Superman," which took place in 1993.

Doomsday is one of the most powerful creatures in all of DC Comics. He made his first appearance in "The Man of Steel" #17 and #18 in 1992 and is first seen with one arm tied up, while the other breaks through a wall of steel (get the metaphor). In his first cover, it reads, "The beginning of the end! Doomsday!" This creature, with no respect for any kind of life, is an ancient Krypton killing machine that was around well before Kal-El and his family, which is why he is a physical match for Superman.

He almost looks like someone who would battle Optimus Prime in "Transformers," a huge grey monster, with bone spikes coming out of all his limbs.

According to DCComics.com, "Doomsday was originally created on Krypton as part of a deranged scientist's quest to create the perfect hunter. The creature was subjected to cruel and terrible experiments -- killed and cloned thousands upon thousands of times -- a process that allowed his body to adapt natural defenses against whatever previously had bested him."

Basically, he adapts to whatever killed him before.

"Through this sort of rapid evolution, Doomsday became an unstoppable, nearly indestructible creature of violence and death that knew only hate and sought to kill everything in its path. Doomsday possesses an immeasurable level of strength and invulnerability beyond those of even Superman," the bio continues.

After a battle that took place all across America, in "Superman" #75, the fight between Doomsday and Superman ends, rightfully so, in Metropolis, while Superman's love, Lois Lane, looks on.

"Going punch for punch, Superman finally ends the threat of Doomsday as he throws one last punch and collapses forever," writes DC Comics. The epic book literally ends with both characters apparently killing each other with a knockout punch that would make even "Rocky" proud.