'Batman v Superman': Meet Breakout Star Gal Gadot

Gadot told ABC News she's "honored" to play Wonder Woman.

ABC News spoke to the 30-year-old about her unique road to fame and how she's leading the push for female empowerment in superhero films.

"It feels great, I hope we are starting a trend here," she told ABC News of her scene-stealing turn in "Dawn of Justice."

Gadot's solo outing "Wonder Woman" follows "Dawn of Justice" and will hit theaters in 2017. It's the first superhero film centered on a female character in years.

"It's so important that we have as many strong inspiring female characters on the big screen and in general," she added. "I'm feeling honored to be [someone] that's a part of that. And I'm super grateful that I got this amazing opportunity to tell the 'Wonder Woman' story. It's so big and so huge and inspiring and strong, that I'm just a vessel to tell the story to the outside world."