'Baywatch' Star David Hasselhoff Fights to Cut Ex's Alimony

The "Baywatch" star is asking the court to reduce payments to his ex-wife.

ByABC News
May 3, 2016, 10:14 AM

— -- David Hasselhoff is reportedly asking a judge to throw him a life preserver for what the "Baywatch" star says is major financial distress.

The actor known as “The Hoff” has reportedly earned millions from his famed red trunk days as “Baywatch” character Mitch Buchannon, as well as commercials and a triple-platinum music career. Hasselhoff, 63, claims he now has just $600 to his name and is almost $100,000 in credit card debt, according to court documents obtained by People Magazine.

Hasselhoff is fighting in a Los Angeles courtroom to throw out or severely reduce his $21,000 monthly alimony payment to ex-wife Pamela Bach. The 63-year-old actor claims Bach is "capable of supporting herself.”

They were married from 1989 to 2006 and have two adult children.

Hasselhoff alleges that though he still brings in $110,000 each month, he is left with virtually nothing once he's paid Bach and covers his other $72,000 in expenses, including supporting his two adult children by Bach and his new fiance.

In court filings, Hasselhoff claims he’s paid Bach over $2 million in alimony since they split.

"I think he makes a persuasive argument that given that he's 63-years-old, that his earning potential has in fact been impacted, downwardly," said ABC News' legal contributor Areva Martin, who is not involved in the case.

Hasselhoff also reportedly owes $100,000 in taxes in the U.K. The actor is set to reprise his role on the big screen in the 2017 "Baywatch" movie alongside Zac Efron and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Bach could not be reached by ABC News. Hasselhoff's attorney, Melvin Goldsman, told ABC News, "The pleadings speak for themselves."