Bedridden Joey Feek Still Believes She Can Beat Cancer

Country singer can't get out of bed but hasn't given up hope either.

November 30, 2015, 12:11 PM

— -- Joey Feek is so weak that she can no longer get out of bed, but she hasn't given up hope that she can still beat cancer.

The country singer's husband, Rory Feek, shared an update on his wife, 40, who has terminal cervical cancer and is under hospice care in her childhood home of Alexandria, Indiana.

"Though now, she can no longer get out of bed -- she is so sharp and clear and her pain, for the most part, is so under control by the medicine that talking to her -– you would think she’s her normal self. Thinner. Much thinner. And with a hip new hairdo," Rory wrote on his blog, This Life I Live, Sunday.

Rory, 49, explained that his wife's "will to live" is "very, very strong," especially for their 21-month-old daughter, Indiana, "who gets excited every morning to see her."

"There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t look me and her family in the eye and say, 'I’m gonna beat this,' or 'I’m getting better, I believe that,'" Rory wrote about his wife. "And she asks me if I believe it, and I do. I choose to."

Rory said whenever the family or Joey's doctors believe "the time must be very near," Joey experiences an unexpected upturn.

"Today and the last few days have been incredible," Rory noted. "Part of us once again believes that God is answering Joey's prayer by healing her body and taking the cancer away, despite all the odds."

Rory also pointed out that although Joey is receiving hospice care, it doesn't necessarily mean "the end" or that "the end is very close."

"It's not uncommon for people to be on hospice for 6 months, or longer," he wrote, adding that his mother lived another three or four months with cancer after hospice was brought in.

"God chooses the appointed time," Rory wrote. "Not us. Not hospice."

Fans of the country duo known as Joey + Rory have been following the Feeks' journey on his blog and their Facebook page since May 2014, when Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer three months after giving birth to Indiana.

Joey stopped treatments in late-October after they were found to be ineffective.

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