Bellamy Young of 'Scandal' weighs in on shocking season finale

PHOTO: Bellamy Young appears in a scene on "Scandal."PlayRichard Cartwright/ABC
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On last night's shocking "Scandal" finale, we learned who was behind Frankie Vargas' untimely death.

(Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk!)

Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope discovers that Vargas' wife Luna was behind his assassination. And in one tense scene, Pope convinces Luna to kill herself in order to die a hero, instead of a killer.

Then it was revealed that Cyrus Beene was the one who convinced Luna to kill her husband in the first place!

Young, who plays newly inaugurated President Mellie Fitzgerald on the series, told Entertainment Weekly she's "not surprised" that Cyrus went to those lengths in order to be picked as Vice President.

One of the show's stars, Bellamy Young, weighed in on the finale.

"I’m not going to say surprised, because in as much as Mellie may remain naive to Olivia’s potential for finding her power in the dark instead of the light, I don’t think she, for a moment, allows herself to drop her guard around Cyrus," the actress explained.

"But I think she’s still trying to think of Cyrus as an ally because, in Washington, there’s no one better," Young said. "He’s a paragon, he’s brilliant, but he’s also absolutely able. You know, you’re making a deal with the devil when you shake hands with Cyrus Beene, so I don’t think she’d be at all surprised."

Like many fans, Young was "gutted" to learn that next season would be the show's last. Yet she wasn't surprised.

"It was not a shock, because we all knew that [creator] Shonda [Rhimes] knows where the show is going to end," she continued. "And we knew that our days were numbered and that’s why we’ve been so grateful for every second we got, but it was still impossibly hard to hear."

Young said she and her fellow castmates will now "tell this story in the most cataclysmic way and bring these characters home and go out on a high. We’re really grateful for that."