Bernie Sanders Reacts to Larry David's 'Saturday Night Live' Impersonation

PHOTO: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders in a presidential debate in Las Vegas, Oct. 13, 2015. Right, Larry David on Saturday Night Lives "Democratic Debate Cold Open | SNL" posted to YouTube, Oct. 18, 2015.PlayGetty Images | Saturday Night Live/YouTube
WATCH Sen. Bernie Sanders Reacts to Larry David SNL Impersonation

Sen. Bernie Sanders expressed delight over “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actor Larry David’s impersonation of him on “Saturday Night Live,” joking that he may invite the fellow Brooklyn native to join him on the campaign trail.

“I think we'll use Larry at our next rally. He does better than I do,” Sanders said on ABC's “This Week”

David portrayed Sanders during SNL’s opening sketch, which parodied the first Democratic debate of the 2016 campaign cycle that took place this week in Las Vegas.