Beyonce's Thoughts on Motherhood Since Welcoming Blue Ivy

The pop superstar announced that she is pregnant with twins on Wednesday.

ByABC News
February 1, 2017, 5:21 PM

— -- For Beyoncé, being a mom has been a transformative experience.

Since the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy, five years ago, the singer has spoken candidly about giving birth and motherhood.

Now that she's expecting twins with Jay Z, here's a look back at some of her thoughts.

Seeing Her Body Differently

In a 2013 interview with Vogue, the pop superstar opened up about her first feelings of motherhood.

"I felt very maternal around eight months," she told Vogue. "And I thought I couldn't become any more [maternal] until I saw the baby. ...But it happened during my labor because I had a very strong connection with my child."

In the same interview, Beyoncé shared how pregnancy and labor positively influenced the way she sees her own body.

"I just feel my body means something completely different," she said. "I feel a lot more confident about it. Even being heavier, thinner, whatever. I feel a lot more like a woman. More feminine, more sensual. And no shame."

Moving On After a Miscarriage and the Pain of Childbirth

When Beyoncé sat down with Oprah Winfrey in 2012, she opened up not only about her miscarriage but also about what it meant to give birth to Blue Ivy after going through that struggle. She said it was one of the hardest things she's been through and said it was one of the reasons she chose to keep her pregnancy with Blue Ivy private.

"I'm not the only person who goes through that," she told Oprah. "So many people go through that, and in the end, I have my daughter. And there is hope, and I feel so fortunate."

Beyoncé also spoke with Elle magazine last year about her experience with labor and what it taught her about getting through pain.

"Everyone experiences pain, but sometimes you need to be uncomfortable to transform," she said. "Pain is not pretty, but I wasn't able to hold my daughter in my arms until I experienced the pain of childbirth."

Leaving Behind a True Legacy

When Beyoncé was chosen as People magazine's World's Most Beautiful Woman in 2012, she said Blue Ivy had given new meaning to her life.

"I feel more beautiful than I've ever felt because I've given birth," she told People. "I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a purpose on this earth."

She also shared with People what she thought was one of the best parts of motherhood.

"The best thing about having a daughter is having a true legacy," Beyoncé said. "The word 'love' means something completely different now."

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