'Big Bang Theory' Star Mayim Bialik Opens Up About Struggles as a 'Working Mom'

The Emmy nominee cried when she missed a special moment.

But balancing her successful career with raising two young sons can be challenging at times.

"My ex sent me a photo of our boys dressed as ghostbusters for Halloween at a little fair," she told People magazine when asked when she last cried. "Part of it was just that I'm sentimental, but I was a little sad that as a working mom I don't get to be at all those things."

Bialik, 38, shares custody of her two young sons, Miles and Frederick, with former husband Michael Stone, from whom she split more than two years ago. She and Stone have worked hard to co-parent well.

“The kids are absolutely resilient and they are also very sensitive and complicated little people,” she told ABC News last year. “I’m happy to report they are doing really well. Their dad is doing well and we communicate really well.”