'Big' Star David Moscow Recreates Iconic Scene Almost 30 Years Later

It's been almost 30 years since Moscow starred in the Tom Hanks classic.

Moscow is trying to raise funds for his new movie "Desolation," so he launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $57,000. He's already got more than $43,000 with seven days left to go.

After about a minute of humorous footage, Moscow is shown walking on the boardwalk, wearing his classic red jacket. If you recall in the scene from the real movie, Moscow's character asks Zoltar to grant his wish: "I was I were big." In this scene, he asks the game "I wish I had money to finish my movie."

Moscow, now 40, said in the video that he has always been passionate about working behind the camera.

"[Desolation] is ultimately a film about a person's battle with their inner demons," he explained.

The funds will be used to edit and compose the film's score since most of the filming has already been done.

Perks of donations include producer credits and a 3-hour dinner with an actor from the film and Moscow himself.