Billy Ray Cyrus: 'I Love Hannah Montana'

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Billy Ray Cyrus said his controversial comments in a recent interview about the Disney TV show "Hannah Montana" were not reflective of his true feelings about the show and that the interview happened at a difficult time in his life.

The country singer told GQ magazine that "Hannah Montana" destroyed his family, led to his divorce, and caused his daughter Miley to spin out of control. In the interview published in the Feb. 22 issue of the magazine, he told GQ that he wished the show never happened.

When asked by "Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts how he felt about the GQ magazine headline "Hannah Montana Destroyed My Family," Cyrus said, "I hated it. I absolutely -- I hated it, 'cause that's not what I meant. And...I don't think that's what I said. But, regardless, that's what was written. And I hated it because I love 'Hannah Montana.' I love Disney, I love the show. I loveā€¦ the entertainment we've been able to make."

Watch Robin Roberts' interview with Billy Ray Cyrus Wednesday, March 23 on "GMA"

Cyrus said the interview came at a bad time.

"I did that interview with GQ two weeks before the midst of a divorce, separated from my family," he said. "It was a mess. Surrounded in darkness. GQ, the writer, photographer showed up. And I kind of learned this, that doing an interview when you're mad, is a whole lot like going to the grocery store when you're hungry. It's not a real good idea."

Cyrus and his wife, Tish, filed for divorce in October 2010. But since then, Cyrus has decided to try to make it work with his wife and his family.

"What I need to focus on is thought by thought, minute by minute, day by day, putting my family back together. And, as far as convincing anybody of anything, I don't have to do that. I just want to put my family back together," Cyrus said.

Cyrus Wishes He Had Taken Time to 'Enjoy the Ride'

A video of Miley allegedly smoking the legal drug Salvia out of a bong surfaced in late November, 2010, just after her 18th birthday. Her father tweeted, "I'm sad. There is much beyond my control right now."

But now, Cyrus says, "I don't think I'm going to see that anymore."

Cyrus said when Miley initially left for California, he wrote the song "Ready, Set, Don't Go."

"I knew that my little girl was going to grow up. I didn't realize that it was going to happen, like, so huge, so quick, so enormous around the world, that she would become the next big superstar," said Cyrus.

"I look back on it now and just wish that -- maybe somewhere along the line, I wish we would've just maybe enjoyed the ride just a little bit more."

Watch Robin Roberts' interview with Billy Ray Cyrus Wednesday, March 23 on "GMA"