Biz Markie on How he Lost 140 Pounds

"I used to eat like a whole Entenmann's cake at one time," the rapper said.

— -- Back in September, Biz Markie revealed that he had lost 140 pounds and gone from 385 to 244 pounds over a three-year period following his type 2 diabetes diagnosis, according to the NY Daily News.

And the "Just a Friend" rapper didn't use lap band surgery or any quick fix.

Now, Markie is opening up to People magazine on how he lost all the weight.

In a new video for "Hacks & How To's," Markie says, "I think the misconception is that they think [diabetes] is just about sugar. It's more than that, you gotta get your weight down. You just gotta get everything cleansed out of your body."

Markie, 50, says he sticks to an "overall diet."

"Instead of drinking regular sodas, I drink Zevia because it's a natural soda," Markie said. "I don't eat as crazy as I used to. I used to eat like a whole Entenmann's cake at one time, with a half-gallon of milk."

He also gave three tips, including "Cleanse, more water in your diet, and either walk or exercise."