Bob Saget Reveals 5 Secrets of His 'Full House' Co-Stars

Saget says co-star Dave Coulier has a "flatulence problem."

— -- Bob Saget spent countless hours with his “Full House” co-stars over the course of the hit TV show’s eight-year run, so he knows a thing or two about what makes them tick.

Most of the cast is back together again to film “Fuller House,” a spinoff set to air on Netflix next year, and, 25 years after "Full House" ended, Saget is back to seeing his on-screen family on a daily basis.

Saget, who played the family patriarch, Danny Tanner, is almost as well known for his dark comedic bent now as he is for playing a TV dad. When it came time to reveal the “Top 5” secrets of the "Full House" cast today on “Good Morning America,” Saget did not hold back.

Here are five of their secrets, as told by Saget, 59, who kicks off a nine-week Broadway run in “Hand to God” next month.

John Stamos (Uncle Jesse): "He cares more about his friends and his family than he does about his hair."

Candace Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner): "Candace Cameron Bure also loves her convictions and doesn’t enforce them on anyone and she also cares about her family more than John Stamos’ hair. [It's the] same exact thing."

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen (Michelle Tanner): "I met them when they were 9-months-old, so when they were 3-years-old, for Christmas, I bought them outfits and I bought Ashley like a beige suite and I bought Mary-Kate like a black wedding thing. It was almost like a Stevie Nicks throwback outfit with a black slip underneath."

"They actually loved fashion at 3-years-old," Saget said, adding that he "would love to" but cannot take credit for the twins' future as successful clothing designers.

Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky): "[Lori] always cooked a pie and would drop it off before we'd get to 'Full House.' We’d walk outside, this was 25 years ago, and we stepped in a pie."

Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey): "Dave Coulier married a wonderful woman named Mel who has no sense of smell and Dave has a flatulence problem. But wait, it’s a miracle because her sense of smell came back. I’m not even kidding, so I’m concerned about their marriage now because it ain’t good."