Bobbi Kristina Brown Has 'Irreversible Brain Damage,' Grandmother Cissy Houston Says

The mother of the late Whitney Houston says Bobbi "remains unresponsive."

Houston's comments come after Brown's father, 46, told a concert audience in Dallas this weekend that his daughter was actually "awake" and "watching me."

The 81-year-old Houston matriarch added, "Meeting with the doctors and understanding that she can live in this condition for a lifetime truly saddens me. We can only trust in God for a miracle at this time. Keep us in your prayers."

Etheredge-Brown, who is expecting her second child with Bobby Brown, said her husband has been "encouraged by the steps that Bobbi Kristina has made" and is praying for her recovery.

Still, a source close to the family told ABC News Monday that Brown's condition remains "unchanged," which aligns with Cissy's statement.

The source said that while Brown is no longer on a ventilator, she still has a tracheotomy tube that helps her breathe. "Nothing has changed since she got that months ago," the source added.

Cissy Houston's rep did not immediately respond to ABC News’ response for comment