Butt Glue? 20 Secrets and Tips From Miss America Contestants

Beauty, fitness and eating tips from some of those vying for the 2013 tiara.

Jan. 11, 2013— -- intro: What do Miss America contestants do to look beautiful and fit? More important, what do they do about wedgies? Below are some tricks several of this year's contestants swear by.

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quicklist: category: Beauty title: Concealer text: "Well, I've learned that less is more, and my number-one favorite thing is concealer, because sometimes I get little acne marks on my face ... and concealer helps cover that. So I don't know what I would do without my concealer, because I could put that on and a little bit of foundation and then a tiny bit of powder to just smooth it out." --Miss California Leah Cecil

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quicklist: category: Beauty title: Airbrushing text: "I would say airbrushing is a makeup artist's secret weapon … because it goes on evenly, lasts all day, waterproof for Florida. Makes you look like you have flawless skin even if you don't." --(Makeup Artist of) Miss Florida Laura McKeeman

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quicklist: category: Beauty title: Highlighter/Brow Pencil text: "This is one thing I cannot live without. It's double-ended, [and] it's got a highlighter on one end and brow pencil on the other." --Miss Kentucky Jessica Casebolt

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quicklist: category: Beauty title: Light-Up Lip Gloss text: "Light-up lip gloss -- it's awesome. You can use it in the dark, it has a mirror, really convenient." --Miss Iowa Mariah Cary

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quicklist: category: Wedgies title: Butt Glue text: (Interviewed backstage at the Miss South Carolina pageant) "We use butt glue. This is my first time in swimsuit. So I thought it was like an Elmer's glue stick. It's not. It's called Firm Grip. You use baby wipes to get it off. And we have evening gown later, so we don't want our evening gowns sticking to our underwear." --Miss South Carolina Ali Rogers

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quicklist: category: Beauty title: Reuse Fake Eyelashes text: "One thing you need to remember is, fake eyelashes can be used more than once. For such small things, they can be pretty expensive." --Miss South Carolina Ali Rogers

quicklist: category: Beauty title: Scotch Tape to Remove Eye Shadow text: "This is my best trick. I use Scotch tape to get off any eye shadow that may come off of your eyelid, and it's just sticky enough to take off the eye shadow, but not too sticky to take off your powder or blush or anything else." --Miss South Carolina Ali Rogers

quicklist: category: Beauty title: Aveeno and Baby Lips text: "Moisturizer. I love moisturizer. I use Aveeno. And I also really love Baby Lips chapstick. It's really moisturizing, and it tastes like Fruity Pebbles. I think sticking to the basics, those are my favorite." --Miss Wyoming Lexie Madden

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quicklist: category: Beauty title: "Bombshell" Bra text: Miss Kentucky Jessica Casebolt said her "secret weapon" is wearing a "bombshell" bra (a push-up bra from Victoria's Secret) under her Miss America swimsuit.

quicklist: category: Beauty title: Smile Applying Makeup text: "I smile when I do my makeup, because I want to see how it will look when I'm happy." --Miss Kentucky Jessica Casebolt

quicklist: category: Wedgies title: Butt Glue, or De-Wedgie With a Smile text: "Some girls need to get butt-glued up here [on their breasts] so that their bathing-suit top stays in place. You can't pull out your wedgies on stage, so you either spray some butt glue on your bottom or deal with it on stage. You got to do it with a smile." --A Miss South Carolina State Pageant Contestant

quicklist: category: Beauty title: Natural Light text: "I like doing my makeup in the mirror in front of natural light, because it comes out better than if I do it in fluorescent light." --Miss California Leah Cecil

quicklist: category: Hair title: Velcro Rollers text: "I use Velcro rollers to make my hair look bigger, and then fix it up with a curling iron after I take the rollers out." --Miss Wyoming Lexie Madden

quicklist: category: Hair title: Hair Gel text: "Hair gel is a girl's best friend, especially when you have short hair. It's easier than using hairspray, because with gel you can pinpoint the location you need to fix." --Miss Alaska Debbie Jo Ebben

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quicklist: category: Fitness title: Pilates and Yoga text: Miss Iowa and Miss California said Pilates and yoga are great to flatten the tummy and work core muscles.

quicklist: category: Diet title: Keep Veggies at Hand text: "I keep a drawer full of greens and vegetables in my refrigerator so I can grab something healthy when I'm hungry." --Miss Maine Molly Bouchard

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quicklist: category: Body Sculpting title: Glute Exercises for Flat Butt text: "I have a very flat butt, and it's been a bit of a problem. We were discussing what we needed to do with physical fitness and, of course, I needed to tone everything up, and I needed to shed some pounds. But one of the main projects is my butt, because it's very hard to make a butt not be flat unless you're doing a ton of glute exercises. So my trainer has just been wonderful where we just do a ton of glute things." --Miss Florida Laura McKeeman

quicklist: category: Diet title: Peanut Butter text: "Peanut butter is always good to have a little bit, because you still need fat in your diet, especially when you're trying to get your muscles going." --Miss Florida Laura McKeeman

quicklist: category: Diet title: Oatmeal text: "Oatmeal is a trusty-rusty thing to eat every day, because if you eat it in the morning, you can have a lot of energy all day." --Miss Florida Laura McKeeman

quicklist: category: Diet title: Balanced, Not Crash, Diet text: "You can't crash diet. Some girls eat nothing but egg whites and grilled chicken leading up to the pageant, and when they get to pageant week, they end up getting sick. It's all about a healthy lifestyle. Everything in moderation." --Miss Kentucky Jessica Casebolt