Candace Cameron's Husband Learned English From 'Full House'

The 'DWTS' star also reveals which 'Full House' co-stars are supporting her.

March 21, 2014— -- They really were meant to be!

Former child star Candace Cameron Bure said that her husband used "Full House" to learn English.

"He's Russian and he came to this country when he was 17," she told Access Hollywood. "He actually learned English from watching 'Full House.'"

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He's continuing to support her work, she said, by bringing their three children, Natasha, 15, Lev, 14, and Maksim, 12, to watch her compete on this season of "Dancing with the Stars." (Bure is currently in second place.)

My whole family is "so excited and so thrilled," she explained. "They are rooting me on. They're like, 'Mom, what's your next dance? We want to see it!' My boys are trying to learn the routine and my daughter is like, 'Mom, you need to [use] this [expression].'"

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But it's not just her family that's backing up the former child star.

Bure said that her former co-stars, including Bob Saget and John Stamos, have given words of encouragement too.

"[They say] 'We're so happy for you,'" she said. "They'll be at the show. ... They're like, 'We're here to support you!'"