'Captain America: Civil War': 20 Burning Questions Answered

A novice watches her first Marvel movie ever and asks anything!

ByABC News
May 6, 2016, 10:59 AM

— -- If you’re just getting into the Marvel Cinematic Universe this weekend with “Captain America: Civil War,” you’ll see it gets pretty complicated. With so many characters and back stories, it can be hard to know what’s what.

This marks the 13th movie in the MCU, which began almost a decade ago with “Iron Man” in 2008.

As we did with “Batman v Superman” -- READ HERE -- ABC News brought comic book and superhero novice Alyssa Lapertosa (she's also an esteemed work colleague) to the premiere of “Civil War,” and let her ask any questions she wanted during the showing of the film.

She legitimately knew nothing about any of these films, so this could have gone either very right or very wrong. In the end, her questions were earnest, sincere and she took the task of figuring out all the storylines quite seriously. It was also very, very funny.

It should be noted, that Alyssa held her questions till after the movie was over and didn't talk during it!

Here’s what she asked Thursday night, followed by the answers to those questions:

Minor Spoilers Ahead!

1. Questions, already! During the previews? “What is this called again?” (We are not making this up.)

The movie is “Captain America: Civil War.”

2. As a trailer for “Doctor Strange” played, she whispered, “Is ‘Doctor Strange’ Marvel, too?”

This was going to be a long night. Yes, he’s associated with “The Avengers” and one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe.

3. Side note: When the trailer for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” played, there was a rounding applause.

Why are they cheering?” Our group simply explained that everyone is excited for the next “Star Wars” movie to come out later this year. Like we said, she knows nothing about Marvel or "Star Wars."

4. Finally, time for the movie! As the first fight scene begins, she asks, “Why a shield for Captain America and how does it come back to him like a boomerang?”

Well, that has always been what he has used. It’s vibranium so, basically, indestructible and it represents more than a superhero. It's a symbol of freedom. It comes back to him because of the kind of metal it's made from and how he has learned to use it. He does use a magnet to keep it on his back.

5.Is that an Olsen?”

No, it’s not an Olsen twin, but Elizabeth Olsen plays Scarlet Witch. She’s a new Avenger and she can manipulate things with her mind and her hands. Basically, she can move tanks and people with the flick of a wrist. In the books she's a mutant, but here she's "enhanced" by the power of one of the Infinity Stones.

6.Can’t anyone get to Tony Stark when he’s not in his Iron Man suit?”

This is a good question. Yes, but he tends to have some sort of suit always close by. In “Iron Man 2,” he carried a case. Here he has a watch that turns into an Iron Man glove and so on and so on.

7.Who is bird man and does he have any powers besides a flying suit?”

That is Falcon and he’s a pretty iconic Avenger. He doesn’t have any powers like Cap’s Super Soldier serum, but he’s a skilled fighter and he has gadgets.

8.How does Captain America’s leather helmet protect him?”

Another solid question. The consensus is he is strengthened by the Super Soldier Serum he took back during WW II.

9.Do the Avengers all live together in some kind of college dorm?”

PHOTO: Marvel's Captain America: Civil War.
The cast of Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War" is seen here.

No, they do live together at the Avengers facility in upstate New York. Now that we said that out loud, it does seem a bit strange.

10.Wait, who is the weird purple guy and how did he just walk through walls?”

He actually flew through a wall and that’s Vision. He’s also a new Avenger, but a classic one from the books. He’s made of vibranium and other materials and has an Infinity Stone in his forehead. [Look of utter confusion on her face]

11.Who are Thor and Banner?”

They are both Avengers and are missing from this film. Thor is basically a God from Asgard and is off searching for answers that could factor into his next solo movie and the next Avengers. Banner is Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk, and he left at the end of “Age of Ultron” to keep away from innocent bystanders and not cause harm.

12.What are Black Widow’s superpowers?”

She doesn’t have any. She’s just a well-trained assassin and has great gadgets, too, like her laser stunners, which come out of her wrists. She used to work for the KGB, but now she's an Avenger.

13. "Who decides who gets to be an Avenger?"

Very solid question. At first, it was Nick Fury, aka Sam Jackson, and SHIELD. But that organization has kind of crumbled. Now, it's basically the team and its leaders like Cap and Iron Man. That could change in this film though.

14. "Who is Bucky?"

PHOTO: Sebastian Stan is seen here as Bucky Barnes in Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War."
Sebastian Stan is seen here as Bucky Barnes in Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War."

Bucky, aka James Buchanan Barnes, is the Winter Solider. He was Cap's best friend during the war and they grew up together. But Cap thought he died during the war, only to find out years later he was frozen and taken over by Hydra.

15. "Who is Hydra?"

An evil organization that has evolved over the years. In the 1940s, they were like the Nazis. Then they fell and rose again inside SHIELD. Now, they are on the outs again, but what they did to the country and the Avengers is felt in this film.

16. "Is the girl from 'Revenge' an Avenger?"

Emily VanCamp plays Sharon Carter, Agent Carter's niece. She used to be at SHIELD, but now she's in the CIA. Agent Carter was Cap's love in the 1940s, but after he crashed into ice and froze, they lost touch, obviously. She is still the girl who got away, in his mind.

We met Sharon during the events of "Winter Soldier," where she was keeping an eye on Cap for SHIELD.

17. "Why are there two Iron Men?"

PHOTO: Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in "Captain America: Civil War."
Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in "Captain America: Civil War."

There are not. One is Iron Man, the other is War Machine, Tony's best friend and partner.

18. "What happened in Sokovia that they keep talking about?"

So in "Age of Ultron," innocent people died after the city fell out of the sky. The villain Ultron was trying to kill all the people on Earth. Even though the Avengers saved the world, there were still hundreds, maybe thousands who died.

19. "Is that Catwoman?"

No, that is Black Panther. He is the Prince of Wakanda and a great warrior. His nation is also where all the vibranium comes from, which made Cap's shield and part of Vision. His Panther suit also has vibranium, which makes it bulletproof.

20. Why do Cap and Bucky not age?"

They were both frozen and the Super Soldier serum helps, too.

Bonus - At the end of the movie, everyone sits around. "Why are we waiting?"

Oh, bless your little heart! I explained that all Marvel movies have post-credit scenes, which are teasers for the next movie or just funny scenes that you want to see!

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