Caramel Cake From 'The Help': A Taste of Southern Charm

'20/20' team samples caramel cake featured in "The Help."

July 15, 2011 — -- Forks at the ready, the ABC News "20/20" team dug into its final task before airing Friday's episode featuring bestselling book and soon-to-be movie "The Help": seven layers of traditional Southern-style caramel cake.

The treat came courtesy of Caroline's Cakes, the Annapolis, Md.-based bakery that provided several caramel cakes that were used as props in the upcoming feature film.

"Caramel cake is so Southern and so traditional," said Laura Strawberry of Caroline's Cakes. "Southern style is about making connections, and food has a way of always bringing people together."

Caroline's Cakes saw caramel cake orders increase after "The Help" started flying off bookstore shelves and as anticipation built for the film's release.

ABC News' Deborah Roberts said the caramel cake reminded her of her own Southern roots and served as a perfect way to wrap up the experience of producing the episode.

"The caramel cake was like a taste of home for me," Roberts said. "It was delectable and satisfying in the sweet, moist, beautiful way that caramel cakes are. There's nothing like a multi-layer cake to wrap up a story with many layers."

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