Casey Kasem's Children Share Sweet Memories of Their Father

PHOTO: Kasey Casem poses for a photo with his son Mike, and his daughters Kerry and Julie at the Radio Music Awards on Oct. 27, 2003 in Las Vegas, Nevada.PlayKevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images
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Casey Kasem died on Sunday at 82 and while many fans and former colleagues poured in with tributes about the radio icon, his children say Kasem was as great a father as he was the voice of "American Top 40."

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"As much as he influenced and touched so many millions around the world, his influence at home was immeasurable," his daughter Kerri Kasem told People magazine.

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She continued, "He taught us to be selfless, humble and passionate about doing the right thing no matter how difficult or long the road may be. I am who I am because of my dad."

Kerri Kasem, 35, added that keeping in line with the morals and values her father taught her, she has created a foundation in his honor.

"My dad always said that helping others is the most rewarding thing you can do in life," she said. "I created the Kasem Cares Foundation to help enact legislation that would give visitation rights to adult children with an ailing parent."

Kerri Kasem battled with her stepmother Jean over how medical care for the legend was to be handled in the waning moments of his life as he battled a form of dementia. After months of legal drama, Kerri was appointed conservator for her father days before he died.

In addition to Kerri, his son Mike also remembered his father as a great man, who was more than a celebrity.

"The reason our dad was able to touch so many hearts around the world on Sunday mornings was because every word he spoke was 100 percent genuine," he told the magazine. "I realized that when I saw him cry while reading a long-distance dedication."

His daughter Julie remembers Kasem as her biggest supporter.

"Throughout college and grad school he was cheerleader and a steady wind at my back," she said. "He would call me every day to ask about my exams and encouraged me to work hard."