Celeb 101: Shemar Moore Reveals What He Learned From 2009 Bike Accident, 'The Lights Could've Gone Out'

"The Bounce Back" actor was hit by a car and broke his leg in 2009.

December 5, 2016, 9:30 AM

— -- Shemar Moore doesn't take any day for granted.

That's after a "very scary" accident in 2009, when the former "Criminal Minds" actor was hit by a car and broke his leg while riding his bike in Los Angeles.

Moore, 46, reflected on that day during ABC News' "Celeb 101," a video series in which celebs break down what they've learned in order to become a success.

"A guy in a car just came and got a little too close to the bike lane and hit me at 40 miles an hour," Moore said, "and thank goodness we were going uphill."

The actor was training for "Bike MS" with his then-girlfriend. Moore participates in the annual race that raises money for multiple sclerosis every year. His mother was diagnosed with the disease in 1999.

"The Bounce Back" star said he was lucky to be hit on the leg that was behind him.

"Because the car hit me exactly that way, it knocked my foot out, which spun me," he explained, "and because I spun, my feet came cleanly out of the cleats and my bike shot forward."

He believes the accident may have turned out differently if his feet were still attached to the bike.

Moore told "Celeb 101" that he learned a lot from his "worst day."

"That was a very scary day and it humbled me because I was like, 'Wow, the lights could've gone out. That could've been it, but I'm still here,'" he said.

"As blessed as everything is and as much as I yearn and dream for the future, it made me just breathe in right now," Moore said. "And it just taught me every day is a great day."

The actor, who left "Criminal Minds" in March, is now headed to the big screen in a film he produced called "The Bounce Back." Moore crowd-funded the film, raising $630,000 thanks to fans.

Moore portrays a relationship expert, who penned a bestselling book with the same name. Still, his character hits a wall when he meets a woman who isn't buying his expertise.

"This movie is a fun, feel-good love story,” he said, “and it's about falling in love.”

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