Adult Film Star Says Sheen Asked If She Would Move In – And Babysit

Kacey Jordan says Sheen's party included 'tennis-ball size' cocaine chunks.

Jan. 31, 2011— -- An adult film star who partied with actor Charlie Sheen hours before he was rushed to the hospital last week claims she saw him splattered with wine stains, had "tennis ball size" chunks of cocaine delivered, and was consuming so much booze and coke that she feared he was on a "suicide binge."

Kacey Jordan also said that before she left Sheen after an all-night party with four other women last week, he asked her if she would be willing to move into a mansion he was setting up that would be a 24-hour party.

And then, she claims, he asked if she could baby-sit his kids.

Sheen is in an undisclosed rehab center today and production on his sitcom "Two and a Half Men" has been put on hold indefinitely.

Sheen's publicist said the actor was rushed to hospital with "severe abdominal pains" Thursday.

This morning, ABC News has exclusive details about a raucous party inside his Los Angeles home the night before he was wheeled out in a stretcher and transported to the hospital.

"I've never seen -- someone so self-destructive and able to take in so much at once," said adult film star Kacey Jordan, who attended Sheen's party. "I thought maybe it was almost like a suicide binge."

Jordan said she was offered $5,000 to attend the party at Sheen's home.

She described Sheen's disheveled appearance the moment she arrived: "I see Charlie sitting there. He's wearing an all-white shirt…covered in wine stains. All the way down him…down his shirt…his hair's all messed up. He looks up. And he's like…. His eyes are all like squinty," she said. ..I was thinking that I was going to meet the Charlie Sheen that I see on TV. Not the one that's like in shambles and wrecked…"

Jordan said there were four other women at the party, at least two of them were porn stars.

She said Sheen was very drunk when she came in.

"He drinks…any kind of liquor or anything like it's water. He can chug it," she said.

At about 3 a.m., Jordan said Sheen asked one of the guests to produce drugs from the night before.

"He (Sheen) asked, you know, in the morning, 'where's the drugs? Where's the drugs?'" Jordan said. "She's like, 'oh, you ran out. Don't you remember?' and he's like, 'ran out? Oh, we got to call my boy.'"

Then a man comes in with a bag of drugs and dumps tennis ball-sized cocaine on the table, Jordan said.

"It's like I thought I was like living…it's like Scarface, you know? I was like, 'Oh my God, I cannot believe it.'"

Jordan said throughout the night Sheen used a pipe and repeatedly smoked chunks of cocaine, hitting up his pipe every two minutes.

"Light-- all I hear was light, light, light," she said.

"He said he only smokes. He never does lines."

Bizarre Party Details and Requests

In another bizarre detail, Jordan said Sheen offered her a deal to join several other porn stars and move into a newly rented mansion with him.

She said his real estate agent was sitting nearby with a signed rental agreement, with monthly rent at $250,000.

"He's like, 'you can have anything you want. Anything you want, you name it, it'll be done within an hour,'" she said.

Jordan claimed that Sheen offered her a car and just wanted to set up a house with a constant party.

"He just wants to have fun…he's just like, 'I'm done. I'm done,'" she said.

Jordan also claimed that Sheen asked if she could babysit his children at that mansion.

"He's like, 'Can you babysit? I need a girl I can rely on to babysit, you know?'" she said.

At the end of the night, Jordan says when she asked to be paid her fee and Sheen wrote her a check for $30,000.

The website TMZ obtained copy of the check Sheen allegedly issued to Jordan.

The check was made out to "cash" and Jordan said the bank called Sheen to verify it.

Jordan said when she left Sheen's home, he was naked in his bed and still smoking cocaine from the pipe, hours before he was rushed to the hospital.

"I'm thinking like…'Am I… is this going to be the last time I'm going to see him?'" she said. "I mean, like, 'I felt like something bad was going to happen.'"

Sheen Gets Help

Just three months earlier Sheen made headlines over what authorities described as an "alcohol-fueled rampage" with adult film star Capri Anderson at the Plaza Hotel in New York.Sheen's representatives released this statement to ABC News about the latest incident:

"Charlie is currently seeking the medical attention that he needs and has the full support of his legal team, his agents, and his employers at CBS. It is a shame that during this time, while Mr. Sheen has sought treatment on his own, opportunistic women are trying to take advantage of his celebrity status."

Jordan didn't ask to be paid for the interview or for the use of her photo.

She said she was never worried about her safety nor did she fear Charlie Sheen.

She has no plans to file any criminal complaint or any plans to file civil action.

She said she's glad he's sought rehab.

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