Charlize Theron on Sean Penn Romance: 'It’s Nice to Be Not Single'

The actress on her unexpected relationship with the actor.

May 28, 2014 — -- Charlize Theron and Sean Penn have quietly become one of Hollywood's power couples, but in the best way.

No hoopla, just slowly easing into each other's lives, attending events together, Penn meeting Theron's son Jackson, etc.

During an interview with Esquire UK, Theron was nice enough to introduce reporter Alex Bilmes to Penn.

Bilmes said Penn, in the few times he met him for the story, made no effort to hide his affection and happiness of dating Theron. The two have been a couple since early this year.

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Theron told Bilmes she had been content being single and raising Jackson before Penn came along unplanned.

“I wasn’t in any place that I even wanted something like [a relationship]. Then one day you go: Oh, [Jackson’s] almost two now, and he has his little activities that he goes to and he’s got a bedtime now, and you have more time again," Theron said.

She continued, "And it’s like if you are open to something, if you just let it happen, it will happen. When you least expect it.”

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Theron said she didn't expect Penn to come into her life but she's happy they are together.

“It was nice to be single and now it’s nice to be not single," she added. "If you’re asking me then, yeah, my life is really good.”

She also added that at this very moment, she has the life she wants.

"I am living my life in a way that if tomorrow it ended –- and I hope not because I have a kid –- but if it did, this was the life that I really wanted to live," she said.