Chris Hemsworth Named People's Sexiest Man Alive 2014

The Australian actor topped challengers Chris Pratt and Matthew McConaughey.

The questions and answers weeded out the other possible winners. Does he enjoy Lincoln vehicles? No.

Has he ever been fat?

“Uh, not really,” Hemsworth said.

Single? No. Born outside of the United States? Yes.

Superhero in a movie? Yes, he said -- at which point the audience started to realize the winner’s identity.

A famous sibling? Yes.

Does that hero use a hammer?


Hemsworth, his identity revealed, discussed the honor in a short interview.

"I'm most excited about the alive portion of that statement," Hemsworth said. "I'm flattered."

The 31-year-old Australia native said his brother, Liam, has been supportive.

“Liam’s been good," Hemsworth said. "We’ve been throwing sexy looks back and forth ... He’s been a real team player through this one."

Hemsworth was quick to thank the people who contributed to his success.

”My parents, I guess, for putting this together,” he said.