As President Donald Trump battles lawmakers over his controversial comments siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin on election meddling, comedian Lewis Black says he has a "constitutional amendment" that would help Trump and the country.

“There should be a constitutional amendment that during the summer, unless it’s really important, that the president has to shut up,” Black said on Tuesday. “Why? Because it's summer. OK? That's our time! Not his time! That's our time.”

Speaking in an interview with Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show,” Black said Trump should stop stealing people’s fun by delivering bad news day after day.

“This is the time for us to barbecue, eat lots of fatty foods. He eats fatty foods every day! This is our time to just relax and have a good time,” Black said, referring to the president. “I don't need to have him telling me that we've got a problem with NATO, all right? Why? Because I don't have a problem with NATO. I don't need him telling me Russia is our best friend. Why? Because they're not our best friend! So I don't need this.”

The comedian also offered a bit of advice on how to stay happy all year round: Stay away from the television.

"Everybody's miserable! Everybody turns on the TV when they wake up. Don't," Black said. "What you do instead is you go to the stove, turn on a burner, put your head down and light your hair on fire, and then you spend the day putting that fire out. And people call and say, 'What did you do today? You say, my hair was on fire and I put it out.' And at least you accomplished something that day."