Comedians mock 'haunted' Trump robot at Disney World

The Trump robot’s appearance caused a stir on the late-night TV circuit.

— -- President Donald Trump’s new life-size robot made its debut at Walt Disney World on Tuesday, but the robot’s physical appearance caused a stir on the late-night TV scene where one host called it something that belonged in a haunted house.

“Look at that hair! Did you paint some glue on his head and then throw the wig from 10 feet away,” he added.

“They added Trump to the Hall of Presidents. You can tell it's Trump's robot, because Putin's backstage controlling it,” Fallon joked. “Yeah, he's really making an impact at Disney. Today he deported Aladdin and he gave Scrooge McDuck a tax break.”

Fallon also created a mock commercial for the new Disney exhibit that showed the Trump bot slurring his words and muddling a presidential speech.

Walt Disney Parks & Resorts announced on Monday that it would add Trump to the popular Magic Kingdom attraction.

“As has been the tradition with every new president since the attraction debuted, an Audio-Animatronics figure of President Donald J. Trump has been added to the show,” Disney said in a statement.

“President Trump personally recorded remarks exclusively for The Hall of Presidents, just as each sitting president has done for the attraction since the early 1990s,” the statement added.