Connie Britton Reveals 'Scandal' Star Katie Lowes Was Her Son's Nanny

"I was so upset when she got this little pilot," the 'Nashville' star joked.

Jan. 22, 2014 -- Connie Britton's son Yoby is one lucky boy!

Not only does he have a loving mother (who happens to star on the hit ABC show "Nashville"), but for awhile, his nanny was "Scandal" actress Katie Lowes.

"I was so upset when she got this little pilot," Britton, 46, joked to E!. "I think it was really pretty selfish on her part, I'll be honest."

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With the monster success of "Scandal," Lowes is doing well -- and so is Yoby.

"He's talking up a storm!" Britton revealed. "He really likes to read his books to me even though he's only 2. I try to remain humble about my incredible parenting skills that have obviously created a genius."

However, the actress, who once said that her job has been a big sacrifice, also admitted that being a parent isn't always easy. Like all new moms, she said she has moments of self-doubt.

"Most of the time I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing," she said. "I can't believe so many people do this because how can they know what they're doing! ... But I have my cute, sweet, adorable boy and it's like, 'Oh, we'll figure it out!'"