Conrad Murray's Girlfriends Testify: Sade Anding, Nicole Alvarez, Michelle Bella and Bridgette Morgan

Prosecutors argue Murray was distracted by his complicated love life.

ByABC News
October 3, 2011, 4:45 PM

Oct. 4, 2011— -- intro: Dr. Conrad Murray's trial for involuntary manslaughter produced colorful testimony today from three of Murray's current and former girlfriends, including Nicole Alvarez, the mother of one of his seven children -- an actress who said she spends her time going to rehearsals and "refining my instrument."

Four women, including one who testified Monday, were among the distractions preoccupying Murray during Michael Jackson's final hours of life, prosecutors allege.

Murray, who is accused of allegedly giving the pop legend a fatal dose of sedatives, admitted to administering 25 mg of the sedative propofol but claims that Jackson took an additional dose without Murray's knowledge.

In the hours preceding Jackson's death, Murray was reportedly communicating with four women: Sade Anding, Nicole Alvarez, Michelle Bella and Bridgette Morgan. Phone records show he made several calls during the critical period during which Jackson should have been closely monitored, prosecutors argue.

Today, Alvarez, Anding and Bella testified about their conversations with Murray during Michael Jackson's last hours.