The Crazy Way Anita Baker Found Out About Her Arrest Warrant

Her lawyer said she didn't realize she'd been sued in a civil case.

March 21, 2014 -- Fans learned recently that there was a warrant out for the arrest of Anita Baker.

Anita Baker recently learned that too, with the rest of the world.

A Michigan judge issued a warrant for the arrest of Baker, 56, earlier this week after a lawyer for Ray A. Smith Painting & Decorating company claimed that she owes it $15,000 for renovations to her Detroit-area home, according to the Associated Press.

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However, Baker's attorney, Jamal Hamood, told the AP that he plans to file a motion today to cancel the warrant, as he claimed that Baker was never served with papers and didn't know that she'd been sued.

Hamood added that Baker is out of town and will remain out of town until things are cleared up. That might be sooner rather than later, as the lawyer for the houseware company said that he does not want to see Baker go to jail.

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For her part, the singer seemed shocked by the ordeal, having found out about the lawsuit from watching TV.

"WHATTT??!!... sittin' in the kitchen watching this on TV. BIG time crazy," she wrote. "Atty on his way to TV Station. Devil sho is busy."