Dad Drives Daughter to School in 'Back to the Future' DeLorean

Steve Wickenden received the DeLorean as a gift from his wife

— -- If you ever made your parents drop you off a block before your destination because you didn't want them to make a fuss over you in front of your friends, imagine the life of this British girl.

Molly Wickenden, an 8-year-old from Deal, Kent, in England is driven to school every day by her father in an exact replica of the DeLorean Time Machine made famous in the 1980s hit movie “Back to the Future.”

"There certainly isn't anyone else at the school gates with a flux capacitor,” Molly’s dad, Steve Wickenden, told Hannah Stubbs of the Caters News Agency, which released the photos of the Wickendens in their unlikely car.

“We certainly turn a few heads,” he said. "There are always people waving and beeping at us when we drive past.”

"My wife bought it for me as a gift and it's great that it's not just a show piece. It is road legal and we are always taking it for a spin,” Wickenden said.

Wickenden, whose website offers the car for hire for special events, including weddings, says his car is the closest anyone can get to the one used in the Michael J. Fox movie.

"The original from the film is in such a state of disrepair that it's not driveable so this as close as you can get really,” he said.

As for his daughter, she appears to be taking her father’s film fanaticism in stride.

"It's the best way to get to school and all my friends are jealous that I get such a cool lift,” said Molly. "I definitely want to learn to drive in the DeLorean."