Inside Brooke Burke-Charvet's Hectic Life at Home With 4 Kids

The mom also dishes on her life at home with 4 kids.

ByABC News
May 20, 2014, 3:15 PM

May 20, 2014 — -- Brooke Burke-Charvet couldn't be more excited for the summer.

With four kids -- yes four kids -- the TV host is happy to "retire all my driving, my carpool a.m. and afternoon driving duties."

Burke-Charvet, 42, spoke to ABC News as part of a collaboration with Popsicle, one that's right up her alley and pertains to families having fun together.

"I'm one of those moms, who likes having all my kids home for the summer. ... We spend so much time at home and family BBQs and picnics, pool parties, that kind of stuff," she said. "Sometimes we like to break the rules - late night swimming, jumping on the trampoline, water balloons, we've had camp outs in our backyard and I let all my children invite their friends, that's just a blast. The beauty of this campaign is really encouraging families to connect and create their own rules for having a great time."

Burke-Charvet's clan includes daughters Heaven Rain, 7, Sierra, 12, Neriah, 14, and son Shaya, 6.

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"It's a pretty hectic, blended family," she said. "There are good days and bad days like any family. I have my kindergartner graduating and going to first grade, I have my oldest graduating middle school and getting ready to start high school, so there's a lot."

But even with all the commotion at home, Burke-Charvet said she has great kids, including her oldest, who is great at helping out.

"My oldest daughter is probably my strongest and most independent," she said. "We definitely raise our family together and I count on my older daughters a lot, my 14-year-old can now babysit and she helps me a tremendous amount with my youngest. I think its a team effort."

Burke-Charvet often makes the news for fact that she looks absolutely stunning after having four kids -- and admits there's really no secret to her success.

"I work out year round, I work out hard," she said, adding she has a new fitness line Caelum that just came out. "Everybody seems to want to cram [everything in before] bikini season and are like 'Oh my God, it's summer, what crash diet do I do?' I don't believe in that, it's creating a healthy lifestyle all-year long."

This healthy lifestyle continues at home with her children.

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"I love to cook and it's not like no fat, no carbs, I cook everything from Mediterranean to Italian," she said. "We break the rules as well and have our splurges and treats and pizza nights, but for the most part I cook for my family and teach them how to keep it fresh."

One thing they don't do at home is watch "Dancing with the Stars," the show Burke-Charvet hosted until this season.

"I haven't been watching the show, for no particular reason," she said. "I just haven't been. It's not a show I'm watching right now."

Burke-Charvet was replaced by Erin Andrews at the beginning of the year, but has taken the change gracefully and said even when she hosted the show, her family came first.

"I've always been able to make my family a priority and carve out that time," she said. "I think you can have a career and be devoted to it and still be a great wife and devoted mother. It's just about finding that balanced and I've never compromised my family time."