Daredevil's Balloon Stunt Involves Shotgun, Freefall

One rickety old lawn chair, 90 helium balloons and one heck of a view.

ByABC News
December 22, 2014, 10:33 AM

— -- One rickety old lawn chair, 90 helium balloons and a shotgun.

That's what renowned daredevil Erik Roner used to take his career to new heights with a jaw-dropping stunt soaring over the Utah mountains with nothing but the lift of those balloons.

“I mean, it's kind of that childhood dream,” Roner said in the video of the stunt.

It might look like a cute scene from the movie "Up," but Roner had a long way down -- 8,000 feet to be exact.

After soaring over the mountains, Roner began popping the balloons one by one with a shotgun before freefalling off the chair. Finally, the stuntman pulled his parachute to complete what he called one of his favorite stunts yet.

That’s high praise for one stunt when you consider some of Roner's greatest hits, which include BASE jumping in Switzerland and skiing in Chile.

“That was epic!” he exclaimed of the balloon journey, which was sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink. “It's kind of like the dream of flying or 'can that actually happen?' So for the reality of pulling it off was pretty surreal for me.”