David Oyelowo on Showing 'Queen of Katwe' Actress Madina Nalwanga Her First Film

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David Oyelowo is starring alongside Lupita Nyong'o in "Queen of Katwe," the true story of Phiona Mutesi, a girl who rises from poverty in rural Uganda to become chess grandmaster with the help of chess coach Robert Katende (Oyelowo).

Oyelowo calls the film "life affirming" because it shows moviegoers a different perceptive of Africa.

"I think we've all seen films set in Africa where it showcases the more negative side of life — child soldiers, genocide, dictators, disease and that can and sometimes is part of African life," he said today on "GMA."

But there are people "who impact their own communities positively" such as this "young girl from Uganda who sells corn and then goes on to become a chess champion," he said.

While filming, Oyelowo took kids in Uganda to see the movie "Jurassic World," including actress Madina Nalwanga, who plays Mutesi in the film.

"Madina sat next to me ... at one point, she turned to me during the movie and said, 'Is that what we are doing?'" Oyelowo said. "I suddenly [realized] it was the first time she'd ever seen a movie on the big screen, halfway through shooting a movie for Disney."

"Queen of Katwe" opens nationwide this Friday. Meet the real-life girl who inspired the film. She's featured in ABC News' digital series Young and Gifted, streaming now on ABC News dotcom or the ABC News app.

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