Debbie Reynolds Opens Up About Time Elizabeth Taylor Stole Her Husband

Reynolds said Taylor stole Eddie Fisher "without an invitation!"

ByABC News
January 20, 2015, 11:17 AM

— -- Debbie Reynolds was married to her first husband Eddie Fisher until their divorce in 1959. But it wasn't the cleanest of splits as the singer left Reynolds for his next wife, Elizabeth Taylor, that same year.

Reynolds, who had two children -- Carrie and Todd Fisher -- with her late ex, opened up about her relationship with Taylor before and after she stole Eddie more than five decades ago.

Eddie died at the age of 82 in 2010.

"We were friends for years and years," Reynolds told People magazine. "but we had a lapse of time when she took Eddie to live with her because she liked him, too. She liked him well enough to take him without an invitation!"

Reynolds said before that time period in the early 1960s, she and Taylor were close and their relationship as friends began when the two went to school together at MGM.

"I went to MGM when I was around 17, and Liz was there too, but she was already a star," the "Susan Slept Here" star, 82, added. "We went to school together on the lot, when she was in between films. I was just a beginner, and she and I were not in any manner alike, but we got along very well because I was in awe of going to school with Elizabeth Taylor."

Reynolds and Taylor eventually got over the scandal before the icon died in 2011.

"Elizabeth and I went on a cruise ship and we were on the same boat ... she sent a note to me and I sent a note to her to say 'Let's just forget about it,'" Reynolds told Access Hollywood in 2013 of when they finally buried the ax, sometime in the late 1960's or early 1970's. "She was married to Richard Burton [at the time after she left Eddie in 1964] and I was married to Harry Karl [whom she was married to from 1960 to 1973], who was in the shoe business. We just spent the whole cruise ship -- on the Queen Elizabeth -- so we had to have a get together."

Reynolds will be honored this Sunday at SAG with a lifetime achievement award.