Designer of Melania Trump's Inauguration Gown Shocked by 'Consequences'

"I'm not doing politics. I'm doing dresses," he said.

He added, "The attention is something I'm not used to."

"When you work under the shadow of an established brand, you feel that you are protected. I felt comfortable on the big boat at Balmain, de la Renta," he said, referring to other fashion houses. "I felt secure."

Pierre added that working with Trump, 46, went well and that the former model knew exactly what she wanted when it came to the particulars.

"She was very specific about the neckline, about all the lines being parallel ... Her next four years as first lady are going to be, like this gown, straight to the point," he said.

He also said he appreciated her directness.

"Hervé, I love you," he said she told him during one fitting, "but I cannot move my arm to hold my husband's arm when we dance."