Drew Barrymore's Lips Are Sealed on Wedding, Pregnancy

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For a person who's been hugely famous since she was six, Drew Barrymore certainly has been keeping her lips sealed about her personal life lately.

She's been in the public eye for most of her 37 years. Born into a legendary Hollywood family, Barrymore starred in her first film when she was just six years old, and wrote her autobiography when she was 14, after two stints in rehab.

Lately, though, she's been keeping mum about some of most important aspects of her personal life. In an age when the public often knows everything about a celebrity's life, Barrymore's has been a mystery lately.

She is reported to be getting married this weekend to her art consultant fiancé, Will Kopelman, but none of the publicly known details about the wedding (if there is one) have come directly from Barrymore herself. Requests for comment from Barrymore's management were not returned.

The small, private ceremony will take place on Barrymore's Montecito estate, attended only by close family and friends, E! senior news correspondent Melanie Bromley told ABC News.

It appears, according to E!, that the bride will wear a Chanel dress (she was recently spotted going for a final fitting at a Chanel boutique in LA, and Kopelman's father is the company's former CEO), and at least part of the wedding will take place outside (tents were seen being unloaded at the estate).

Since getting together more than a year ago, the couple have largely been holding their cards close, revealing little and rarely speaking publicly.

"For celebrities who have been open about relationships in the past, it's common for them to remain private when they feel they've found the real thing," Bromley told ABC. "And especially in this case, Drew's fiancé has never really been in the public eye before, he doesn't court publicity, he just happened to fall in love with a famous woman."

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The near-silence is impressive when it comes to another aspect of Barrymore's life that is pretty tough to keep secret: her pregnancy.

In the months before her wedding, she's been seen on red carpets and out on the town with a growing baby bump.

Sources have confirmed to E! news that Barrymore is, in fact, pregnant, and the rumors have been flying around for months. Still, she hasn't said a public word about it.

Many celebrity moms-to-be are very open and public about becoming pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth, and their newborn children. Barrymore's keeping quiet though.

This would be her first child, which could be part of the reason she's being so private about the pregnancy.

"It's possible she doesn't want to jinx anything," Rachel Teitelbaum, Us Magazine Deputy News Editor told ABC News, "and is only speaking about it to close family and friends."

It's not clear how far along she is in the pregnancy, but Bromley says it was a factor in when they decided to get married.

"It was important for her to get married before giving birth, and before the bump started to show too much," Bromley said, "so this was a good time for them."

As for the wedding party, honeymoon plans, baby's gender, possible baby names? It's all a mystery.