Drew Barrymore, Tyra Banks and Gwyneth Paltrow Share Secrets to Success

Banks, who is a new mother, said it was important to delegate.

— -- Two-hundred influential women in fashion, business, technology, entertainment and public policy descended upon Marie Claire magazine's pop-up Power Trip summit to share the secrets to their success. Among the power women were actresses-turned-entrepreneurs Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Tyra Banks.

"Good Morning America" was offered a spot on the JetBlue flight -- featuring an all-female crew, of course! -- that took half of the participants from New York to San Francisco for the 36-hour event at the W Hotel in San Francisco, which kicked off Monday.

On the way, “GMA” had the chance to speak with Anne Fulenwider, Marie Claire's editor-in-chief.

“We need to create spaces and societal norms and institutions where women come together, and for lack of a better word, network,” Fulenwider said, explaining why Power Trip was launched.

At the summit, Barrymore -- who appears on the cover of Marie Claire’s April "Boss" issue -- revealed that her secret to creating a business is simple: Hard work.

“Whatever it is in life that makes you feel like you just want to leap, leap!,” she said, “but work hard all the way through the fall.”

Paltrow’s insider tip was to support female peers, rather than put them down.

“People are constantly trying to pit women against each other,” Paltrow said. “I wonder if George Clooney is asked if he feels threatened by Justin Timberlake...it just seems like it's a question men are not asked.”

Banks, who is on maternity leave to care for her son, York, who was born in January, talked with ABC News about her favorite part of being a mother.

“I love my baby in my arms and him just gurgling or sleeping and I’ve got the bottle propped up and just sitting on that couch and watching TV all day long. It’s just me and my boo and my boob-tube, I’m just so happy,” she said.

She said her trick to blazing a trail was to delegate.

“It doesn't matter," Banks said. "Empower, delegate, put somebody on the cookies and you take the cupcakes, honey."

It takes "sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice and tunnel vision like crazy" to succeed, Banks added. "There was a lot of unhappiness with success for me because I didn’t celebrate it. I didn’t take time to relish ... It's OK to cry. It's OK to scream in that pillow."

YouTube star Bethany Mota said it was crucial to remember one’s purpose and passion, and to not be afraid of fear.

“I use to think that I couldn’t have fear, like, I needed to be fearless and I needed the absence of fear in order to succeed," she said. "So I always felt defeated because we can’t get rid of fear. It's always going to be there. Something that I learned recently is learning how to dance with your fear...I always want to grow and I want to improve as a person. And I can’t do that if I don’t take a risk, if I don’t go for something that scares me, because if you’re not growing then you’re not living.”